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Our Founder: Trevor Cooper

The founder of Amasha Hope is an accomplished business lawyer and pastor with a rich background in technology, legal affairs, and social justice. Educated at Rutgers Law School, known for its focus on social justice, and leading the Impact Fellowship Church, Trevor combines his legal expertise, tech savviness, and spiritual leadership to uplift underserved communities in Richmond, California. His work through Amasha Hope, offering support in education, employment readiness, and nutrition, showcases his commitment to fostering a sustainable and prosperous future for families and communities of color.

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Amasha Hope's Story

Amasha Hope was born out of a collective vision led by Trevor A. Cooper, alongside a group of passionate community leaders who recognized a deep-seated need for change within Richmond, California. Witnessing firsthand the struggles underserved families and communities of color faced, Trevor and his team were moved to action.


Though officially founded in 2022, the principles that guide Amasha Hope—education, employment readiness, and nutrition—were set in motion years prior, driven by a shared commitment to social justice and community empowerment. This collaborative effort reflects a response to immediate needs and a heartfelt dedication to building a sustainable future, with Trevor's leadership and the community's support at its core. Together, they've created a beacon of hope and opportunity, demonstrating that with unity and understanding, positive change is within reach.


Join us as we work hand in hand, building brighter futures for our community.

121 West Macdonald Ave.

Richmond, California 94801

(510) 619-8570

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