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Three Point-Program

Amasha Hope provides low-barrier programs to enhance community life. Please see a summary of our programs below.

K-12 Homework Help Program

Unlock your child's academic potential with our K-12 Homework Help Program, offering weekly access to expertly trained staff ready to assist with Mathematics, English, Language Arts, and other core subjects.


Our program is designed to:

  • Review and Reinforce Homework: We ensure students understand and complete their English-language homework assignments and projects.

  • Test Preparation: Our tutors prepare students for upcoming tests, focusing on key areas for improvement.

  • Support Outside School: We help students who need extra attention, keeping parents updated with weekly reports.


The Homework Help Program is an excellent resource for monitoring your child's academic progress between interim reports and report cards. Participation is free and available at least twice weekly through prior sign-up and written parental consent.

We also offer light, healthy snacks for registered students with parental consent. High school students (grades 9-12) have the flexibility to join the program either in-person or online via Zoom by appointment, ensuring convenient access to support regardless of location.

Empower your child's learning journey with us today!


Workforce Development Program

Amasha Hope plans to launch this program in the Summer of 2024 for registered adults. Services include resume review, referrals for cover letters and resume writing services, and job interview readiness (i.e., including role play, uniform or wardrobe support, and low-value transit cards). These services would be provided by appointment only.


Food Pantry
& Emergency Nutrition Program

Amasha Hope plans to launch this program by March 2024 once the grant funding is secured to sustain the pantry inventory since we predict this will be a high-demand program that provides an alternative to the neighboring food pantries in the local area. We hope to keep the food pantry stocked and provide a monthly pantry day (i.e., on a Saturday) that would serve the community with fresh produce, frozen meat, and dry goods.


In addition to this recurring service, any family that demonstrates or states a need for emergency food assistance would be served discretely when it is convenient for them to use the food pantry to supplement their nutrition as inflation and the cost of food continue to rise.

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